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Your idea can be anything, our men and women heardresses will make sure that you are satisfied and had a good time. Our salon, from the very beggining, worked with the premium Schwarzkopf, Elegance and Statement products, which perfectly meets the needs of our clients and employees.

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H-P: 8.00-20.00
SZ: 8.00-16.00


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I have been working in my profession for 8 years, which is my hobby as well. I have worked in the Pécsi National Theatre for 6 years. During those years I had the chance to learn the craft of casual hairstyle. I happily shape women and men hair as well. For me the most important thing is for the clients to be entirely satisfied after leaving my chair.


I moved to Pécs 6 years ago. I started my studies at PTE Economics, but I soon realized that I cannot reach my potential there. I was interested in cutting hair, so I gave it a shot. I have been in love with this prefession eversince. The most important thing for me is satisfying my clients. I have been part of the team from the beggining and I love it. Good vibes is a given.


I am a halfblood hairdresser who has been flipping the scissorssince 2018. I feel like I have found the profession where I can truly give my everything creativitywise. Determination, hard work and passion. That is what makes a good hairdresser. As a new member of LOKÁL I feel like I have every opportunity to perfect those three qualities. One of the most iportant things in my job is to find the common ground with the people, which is never a problem.


I was very interested in this profession all the way back to high school, so much that I started doing it as a hobby. As soon as I finished High school, I know which direction I would like to continue. I got my practical education in a salon mostly specialized in women hair. Despite this I found myself being more into men hair. I like medium long, classic scissor cuts. I believe I can use my creativity the best that way.


I started being interested in the hairdresser profession during high school. I was dying hairs as a hobby then as well. Thanks to that I can fufill my creativty in that. I have learned the profession not so long ago, but I welcome all my potential clients with steady hands, humility and with huge motivation. I teach myself regulary so that I can keep up with the actual trends and fashion.

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